Criminal / Medical Inadmissibility

What is Criminal / Medical Inadmissibility?

Immigration & Refugee Protection Act (IRPA 33)

defines inadmissibility as “the facts that constitute inadmissibility under sections 34 to 37 include facts arising from omissions and, unless otherwise provided, include facts for which there are reasonable grounds to believe that they have occurred, are occurring or may occur. Inadmissibility means the foreign national won’t be allowed to enter / reside in Canada.

How to overcome Criminal & Medical Admissibility ?

How Country Wide Immigration Consultancy Inc can help the clients overcome Inadmissibility?

As a regulated Canadian immigration consultant, we are authorized to represent our clients and guide them overcome the Criminal & Medical inadmissibility.

Country Wide Immigration Consultancy Inc,partners with leading Canadian Law Firms and transfers the case when deemed necessary to ensure our clients’ interest is protected at all times.